Course Overview

Welcome to the "Floral Still Life Painting with Color & Feeling" Classroom!

I’m so thrilled that you have joined this course! I’ve been teaching beginners and experienced painters to paint expressively for years now in Santa Fe and across the US and Canada. In my former life, I taught adults in colleges and universities for many years so I have worked with lots of learners and I love it. After I went to art school, reality hit and I joined the "real world" of work and family, so like many of you my paintings were few and far between for many years. I was lucky enough to become a full-time professional painter 14 years ago. I know what it feels like to start over as a painter as some of you may be doing--if I can do it so can you! Experienced painters will also find ideas for painting in an expressive style rather than realism. I hope you enjoy this course and that no matter where you are in your painting adventure you will find methods to jumpstart your painting!

Course Lessons
The course consists of slideshows, videos, demos and PDF handouts sequenced to walk you through my method of Expressive Painting. I suggest you take the lessons in order, but you can jump to any section you like and you will be able to access the course indefinitely. The course shows when you complete a lesson, but you can always come back to anything you would like to go through again. You can stop and start the video lessons and you will probably want to do this in the step-by-step “Paint Alongs”.

PDF guides can be clicked and printed for you to save as references off-line.

Share your work and get feedback on Facebook or Instagram!
I hope you will join our private Facebook community (I will send you an invitation after you enroll) and share your work. I will give you feedback and hopefully other classmates will give you lots of positive encouragement! You can also post your work to Instagram (the fastest growing art social media) with the hashtag #boldexpressivepainting #floralstilllifepainting and tag me (@annieobriengonzales) so I can see your creations—I can’t wait!

Be a good artist citizen!

This course is a “labor of love” for me and is the culmination of years of painting, teaching, writing and thinking about how to help other painters. All of the material (paintings, handouts, videos) in the course is copyrighted, meaning I am giving you the right to use it personally but not to distribute it or share it in any way. If you would like to link the course from your blog or website feel free, but please do not share your login with anyone—thank you! Good karma goes round and round!

Questions, comments, suggestions?

If you run into snags or have questions please contact me at: [email protected] I would also appreciate any suggestions you have about the course. All feedback is appreciated.

Want more?
If you enjoyed this course and want more, I will be adding more courses soon so watch for future announcements.

I have two books on Expressive Painting available on Amazon or the Artists Network:

“Bold Expressive Painting” & “The Joy of Acrylic Painting”

You will find lots of other projects in these two books including mixed media paintings, collage and other types of subject matter, so take a look. Meanwhile you can find my work in lots of places—

Watch for announcements for future online courses. Check out my in-person workshops around the US and Canada listed on my website or come to Santa Fe for a private or small group lesson in my studio! Happy painting and thank you for joining the course!!

Here's how to find more info:


Facebook: Annie O’Brien Gonzales Studio


Email: [email protected]

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